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Have you ever lost sleep worrying about what you need to change in your life but don’t know where to start?  Feeling so helpless and overwhelmed as the minutes on the clock pass without answers and not sure where to turn?  

Honestly, have these moments ever been filled with self doubt that something is wrong with you?    

Then you wake facing another day without answers, losing hope, and feeling frustrated.  No one wins this silent battle alone.    

Great people like you spend hours Google searching for answers of how to change their lives or self medicating trying to forget it all.   

  • Combat past painful memories and unhealthy relationships.  
  • Shut up negative self talk. 
  • Overcome depression, anxiety or addiction. 
  • Let go of heartache and loss. 
  • Blocking out past trauma.
  • Figure out to how become more desirable to men. Lose weight and live a healthy life.

If this is you, I am here to help. I have the answers that can unlock your future.

Search after search happens but solid answers don’t come.  Most of these searches lead to more questions rather than solid answers.  
Website after website leads you to “experts” on every subject possible with 5 free steps to change your life in 30 minutes.   There is a lot of great information out there but there is a lot of crap too.  Sorry to tell you, but people lie.   

Hire real experts with knowledge, experience, and education, not just someone who is acting like one.

The reason why you haven’t found the answers you seek is not because you didn’t follow the right steps, it’s because you didn’t find the right solutions for your problems.

Imagine what your life would be like if you finally overcame the roadblocks in your way.  

Imagine how happy you will be when you know you accomplished your goals. Imagine how proud your family, friends, and children will be when they see your efforts gain real results.   

This is NOT just a nice thought.   It can be your reality starting today.   I can give you the simple tools to change your life if you are ready.

Over ten years ago I came to my own crossroads of not feeling comfortable in my skin, disliking what my inner dialogue said about myself, and not happy with my priorities were in my life.  
In short, I found myself placing the priorities of those in my life above mine, and I don’t mean some, I mean ALL OF THEM.   

Let me paint a picture for you, I was:  

  • 30+ pounds heavier than I am now. 
  • Working 50-60+ hours a week as a manager in a job I didn’t love. 
  • Attending college full time & about to graduate.    
  • Dumped by my boyfriend I dated for years. 
  • Paying for a gym membership I didn’t really use. 
  • Placing everyone else's priorities over my own. 
  • Sleeping 4-6 hours a night due to all the shit on my plate.

What others needed, I provided.  I stayed late at work.  My roommate needed “roomie dinner time” so I joined a gym open 24 hours and studied until the wee hours of the night to work around her needs.  I didn’t get decent sleep ever.   

“No” was not in my vocabulary and this was killing me slowly.  My needs were lost amongst the chaos.  I hated my body, work was stressful, I was moody as hell without good sleep, and I lived on coffee.  I felt like I was missing something big in my life. 

My life felt like it was out of control.   More importantly, I was out of control of my life.   I needed to start living my life for me for a change.

Can anyone else relate??

I thought every external factor was the problem.

I was wrong. 

I realized the root of my problem lied within me. I needed to change. 

Where did I start?    

I sat down and listed out how I wanted my life to be if nothing stood in my way. 

Priorities for my life are to:  

  • Live a healthy lifestyle.   
  • Get a good night’s rest regularly.  
  • Love myself wholeheartedly.   
  • Quit listening to others telling me what’s best for me.     
  • Learn to love being single and whole on my own. 
  • Use the word, “no” more without guilt. 
  • Cut out unhealthy relationships. 
  • Be brave enough to find my voice again. 
  • Follow my passions and fight against fear of failing.    

What did I do next?  I got to work, with some help. 

I hired a counselor.  I dove into my past baggage that needed to be faced.  I worked through it and past it.  I found peace, and I started to share my story. 

I started reading about different healthy lifestyle plans and started following a workout plan.  I committed to a healthy lifestyle and sure enough, I saw results.   

I started saying “no” more.  I started to sleep better.  I cut out unhealthy relationships, even an old “best friend” who was not actually the best for me. I downsized who I spent time with and with that came less drama and more peace.  I truly made myself a priority in my life.   

My confidence increased.  I felt like a badass lady and it was an amazing feeling. 

Years past and I saw other women around me struggle.  Knowing what I learned from my personal experience was great, but I wanted to know more to ensure I could help women successfully succeed like I had.   

I packed up and went to graduate school to pursue a Masters in Social Work.  I wanted additional education to enhance my personal experience and provide me with more skills and training to help others.  I received those and so much more.   

Fast forward 8 years ago to today, I have received my Masters in Social Work and have worked with people experience a current mental health crisis and one on one counseling.  Nothing about your past will freak me out, surprise me, or make me uncomfortable.  Unfortunately I have heard, seen, and helped others work through the unimaginable.  From this continued experience I am here to help you.

Now it is your time to change your past behaviors and make yourself a priority in your life.  Click the button and get started today.  I’m ready to help you.

Do you want it bad enough to put in the work to make it happen?    
Are you ready to start changing your life today?

This is Counseling 2.0.  
Take everything you know about traditional counseling and times the benefits by ten with what you will receive.   

I will provide you with a personalized step by step plan to tackle your past baggage, light that shit on fire, and walk away knowing you are never going back.   

From the huge accomplishments I have seen my past clients make I can promise you this.  If you follow the steps I lay out your life will never be as it is today. 

Want to know why I am so confident in how I can help you?   

Here is a list of the obstacles I have already helped past clients overcome.

People, just like YOU, decided to stop in their tracks and change their life.  

There was no magic tricks, quick fixes, or silly gimmicks involved.   

My past clients showed up every day, and stayed focused on their goals.   

Simple but 100% true ladies.   

You are also capable to do the same thing.  Let me show you how today.   

Their hard work lead to results.  These results are real, life altering, celebratory, and worthy to brag a little because this process is not always easy but it is fucking worth the effort.  I promise.

Still wonder if I am experienced to help you, and don't want to take my word for it?  Hear it straight from some past clients why they wanted to work with me and what they thought about the online counseling experience.

“I was lacking confidence, motivation, and let anxiety, stress and worry about my appearance, relationships with friends and family & work schedule get in the way of my happiness.  You were very approachable and easy to talk to. You did a really great job of listening and not forcing your opinion or ideas on me, but with encouragement and suggestions help guide me into self discovery of ways I could improve my attitude, general process of thinking and self praise.”

“You really tried to get to know me and understand my problems and how they were affecting me before we even met the first time. And you made it all up to me on how often I wanted to see you.”

“I wanted more for myself and for my kids and their dad. Healthier relationships and knowing that your passion was to help me understand and face my demons.”

“You really tried to get to know me and understand my problems and how they were affecting me before we even met the first time. And you made it all up to me on how often I wanted to see you.”

“Your personal care and interaction thru your work is what drew me to you and intrigued me about your life goals and the changes you would make in the world of women. Your passion for helping women to know the strength we have was was helped me chose you, and I am so glad I did!”

Now wondering how online counseling works exactly?

First off, it is the best, easiest, most efficient and effective way available to take control of your your life!

No dress codes, no couches to lay on, and no counselor asking basic questions to fill time to collect a paycheck.  The focus of your sessions will be on getting to work, battling your past, and transforming your life.

The type of people I work with are those who have identified issues, struggles, and shortcomings in their lives they no longer want to exist.  

The biggest different between my clients and those who don’t fit with my model is that they are brave enough to face their shit and say, “Okay I’m ready to overcome it.  I will no longer let it get the best me.  I’m bigger than it. Let’s go to battle.”  

By YOU reading to this point I know YOU are one of these special people, even if you doubt it.  

Stop doubting yourself because I don’t, and I wholeheartedly stand by that statement.

Unlike when you attend a traditional counseling setting where the counselor has full control of the setting, you have freedom like nothing of its kind in this unique setup.  

I allow YOU to pick your comfortable setting.   

Want to talk from your bed in your bedroom, favorite recliner in the living room, on a yoga mat in the den?  

I don’t care, it is your choice!  

All I ask is for you pick a private location where you feel most comfortable to talk about your life.

What about what to wear, any dress code?  

All I ask is you wear something that makes you, again, feel comfortable.  If that means pajamas, workout clothes, your go to first date outfit, full makeup, three day unwashed hair or wherever you fall in between, I don’t care.  

My goal is for your to feel the most comfortable to discuss what you need to and start tackling these things in your life.

After you select the package of sessions each month, we meet via video chat online for an 60 minute session privately to discuss your current concerns and life struggles.  

I provide you tools to start facing them head on and destroying them during our conversation.  

Also, WITHIN 24 HOURS I follow up with a personalized plan of attack with additional tools, resources, and exercises to tackle so you can overcome the different things in your life you discussed with me.  

Every plan is 100% personalized for you to match your needs and areas where you are wanting to create life changes.  

You are in the driver’s seat as it is your life we are focusing on changing.

I do everything in my power to protect your privacy in our sessions.  

My wifi is locked under a password.  

I always conduct the sessions in a private office setting where no one else is to listen into our conversation.  

I do not record any parts of the sessions without your previous knowledge and approval.

Are you a good fit for one of my open 15 slots? 

Are you ready to transform your life for good?

Due to the level of focus, dedication, and intensity I commit to my clients I only take on a small number of clients at a time.  

I am so excited for this largest group of new clients I have opened at once and know they are going to fill quick with those who need this the most.  

If you think you should be one of the 15 lucky people I work with, sign up below right now.  

When these 15 slots are full the doors will close on new clients for awhile.  

My focus is to ensure I help guide these clients to success.   

Don’t delay because the next time you come back I may already be full and only taking names for my future client waiting list.

Always Have Peace 
of Mind 

Learn New Skills You Can Use Forever 

Be and Stay in Control of Your Life 

Your Information is Confidential and Protected
Joey Phillippi, Not Your Average Counselor
"I strive to ignite bravery and spread love to everyone I meet."
Email me at: [email protected]
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